Wind farm projects

In five years, Hooli Stevedoring Oy has established itself as a professional in Finnish wind farm projects. In 2021, we processed more than 150 windmill assemblies. We are focusing heavily in developing our wind power service concept at the port by investing in new equipment, as we believe that wind power is the best renewable energy source.

Unloading vessel carrying towers

Stevedores and crane operators coordinate to ensure the safe unloading of each ship. Liebherr LHM420 and LHM400 cranes are used with lifting slings. 

J hooks are also included in the lifting equipment.

Unloading vessel carrying blades

Other windmill components

Seamless cooperation between the stevedores and crane operators ensures efficient and safe operations. The Liebherr LHM400 crane is used.

Outdoor storage

Almost 30 hectares of storage area is currently available for wind power projects. We will gain an additional 20 hectares in storage space for windmill projects by 2025.

Windmill components are handled with 100-tonne NC Nielsen reach stackers.